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Ich bin ein Textabschnitt. Klicken Sie hier, um Ihren eigenen Text hinzuzufügen und mich zu bearbeiten. Hier können Sie eine Geschichte schreiben, damit Ihre Nutzer Sie besser kennenlernen.







1993-1997 F+F School of Art and Media Design, Diploma Visual Arts   


1986-1989 Kunstgewerbeschule Zürich, now Zürich University of the Arts, 

                  Diploma Fashion Design (Diploma work on Toni Morrisons' Novel: Solomons Song)

1974-1979 Beginning  and breaking up of a dance education in Geneva and Zürich. ( Broke up after definitely finding out about                                                       the  inability of my body to follow commands) During those years i was invited by a group of brazilian

                  and cuban dancers and musicians (partly initiated candomblé adepts) to be part of their group. We studied and performed        

                  a candomblé ritual. I was designated the figure Oxumaré, the orixa of the snake and the rainbow. This orixa (spirit) is of                                                   both sexes: 

                  Half of the year woman, the other half man. 

                  We continued this for sometime. We performed in theatres, clubs, hotels, culture-clubs.



Solo or Duo  Exhibitions

2023                EAC Les Thermes+ résidences d'artistes, Bourbonne-l.B. FR. ¨Déplacement et état d'être¨ under pseudonym.                            

                        together with Kevin Blythe Sampson and Cesar Melgar.

                      Art Multi-disciplines, Kolkata, India. ¨When did Bitch become a bad word, episode 2: The Kali fightbacks¨ July. Curated by  Ayan

                       Mukherjee. ca 14 drawings/paintings in association with Arjama Pal..¨2 


2022/23           Art Multi-disciplines, Kolkata, India. ¨When did Bitch become a Bad Word¨ November/December/January. Invited by Saumik                

                        Chakraborty and Ayan Mukherjee. Postponed from 2020 to  2022, because of virus complications.


2021                Espace d'Art Contemporain Les Thermes, Bourbonee-les-Bains FR, ¨PREMIER VOL¨ together with Samson Kambalu ( under

                        pseudonym) and  ¨Danse Sylvestre¨ ( under pseudonym ) together with Elise Tak and Jérémy Dussaussoy.

2016                LOKAL 14, Zürich, Switzerland, June. Invited by and together with Helene Sperandio: ¨Oberwasser¨

                        Musée ¨E Pluribus Unum¨by André Eugène, Port au Prince, Haiti, together with Robert Louis, member of ¨Timoun Rezistans¨ Project                           developed with R. L. and called ¨Be your own Legba¨or ¨Money vomitting Legba and single mother with a knife¨


2015                ZIMMERMANNHAUS BRUGG, KUNST & MUSIK, STATE GALLERY -( together with Antal Thoma),

                       ¨TO TRESSPASS¨    (and to connect)                                                                                                            

                       ¨Ragtime im Rumpelkämmerchen/Im Rumpelkämmerchen wird gefestet¨

2014                Espace d' Art Contemporain Les Halles, Porrentruy, Switzerland, NYAU, project with Samson Kambalu and Kurt Ryslavy



1997                Ausstellungsraum Zähringer + Keist, Gessnerallee Zürich-CH¨Der Mensch pfeift gerne laut,

                        wenn Angst ihn beschleicht¨


Art Residencies

2022               Kolkata,India. November/December, invited by Saumik Chakraborty and Ayan Mukherjee. Postponed from 2020 to 2022                                 because of virus.


2015/2016      Hoboken, NJ, South Orange NJ/ Brooklyn NY (USA) Working on Fook! expo and box, invited by Elise Tak

                       September/October 2015


                       Atis Rezistans, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, February/March 2016, invited by Robert Louis and André Eugene

                       Hotel Val Sinestra, October/November  2016, Thanks to Adrienne and Peter Kruit!             sidencie


Group Exhibitions

2023               EAC Les Thermes, FR, ¨Kuch Toh Log Kahenge¨ The Violence of Words, may 2023, curated by Ayan Mukherjee. 2 installations and

                       2 separate drawings.


2021               Participating in Fook! Fanzine, 8 works.

2019               Maison Laurentine, Expedition, Chateauvillain, France.¨Une chose apparaîtra...¨ juillet/août

                       Galerie Mayhaus, Ilja und René Steiner, Erlach, Schweiz, ¨FIL ROUGE¨ juin/juillet 2019

                       Espace d'Art Contemporain Les Thermes, Bourbonne-les-Bains, France: ¨DÉPART ET ARRRIVÉE¨ avril/mai


2017               FrauM, Zürich, Switzerland, Launch of the WC Fanzine, edited and curated by Anne - Käthi Wehrli and Hermes Schneider

                       Participating artists: AAM, ABC des guten Lebens, Romy am Lai Nair, Martina Baldinger, Sabian Baumann, 
                       Mo Diener, Sascha Ettlin, Gaby, Cinzia Giunta da Ros,, 
                       Ingrid Käser, Little Data, Lea Pfäffli, Rosetta, Hermes Schneider, sisterginger, 
                       Bettina Stehli, Valentina Stieger, Anne Käthi Wehrli


                       Galerie Mayhaus, Ilja and René Steiner, Erlach, Switzerland. Erotika von 17.Jahrhundert bis heute. Works from China, Japan,                            India, Iran, Europe. Some of the participating artists: Franticek Klossner, Markus Raetz, Chantal Wicki.

                       Gustave Courbet, Martin Disler, Otto Dix, Meret Oppenheim, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso



2016               Hotel Val Sinestra, Sent GR, Switzerland: October, As Grand Finale of my Residency i invite artists

                       (and writers,theorists,singers) from all over the world to do sitespecific work, with opening November 5th 2016 7pm:


                     Daniela Belinga (CH) Mario Benjamin (Haiti),Arno Camenisch (CH) KurtDerungs(CH), frölicher/bietenhader (CH),

                     Frederikke Hansen (DK), Renate Lerch (CH),René Müller (CH), Kurt Ryslavy( BE/AT,Helene Sperandio (CH),

                     Sarah Studer(CH) Elise Tak (USA/NL), Timo Ullmann (CH),Jacqueline Weiss (CH), Angela Wuest (CH) (Daniela Belinga

                     as initiator, curator, producer)



2015              Issyra Gallery, Hoboken, New Jersey, USA, 

                      FOOK!  Artist group (Invited by Elise Tak and Issa Sow)

                      The Show is curated by:Jeff Goldberg, Darius James, Daniela Belinga:

                      Artists contributing in Fook! artist group:  Elise Tak, Kurt Ryslavy, Cendres Lavy, Jeff Goldberg, Akirash, Akis Karanos, A.Vice,

                      Chris Hosea, Darius James,Tan Khanh Cao, Taddeus Dabrowski, Stewart Myer, Seruni Bodjawati, Max Blagg,

                      Julie Dunker, ¨Half Girl¨. (People from all over the world.)


                      Issyra Gallery, Hoboken, New Jersey, USA. Invited by Elise Tak. Curators Elise Tak and Issa Sow.

                      Les quatre saisons¨ together with John Tomlinson, Joe Gilmore, Eugene Hyon, July 3th  - August 28th


2014              ZIMMERMANNHAUS BRUGG, KUNST & MUSIK, STATE GALLERY. 30 Jahre Zimmermannhaus.

                      Showing work together with Rosangela deAndrade Boss, Andrea Gerber

                      Jaqueline Weiss a.o..08.22. - 09.21.14,

2013              T&T Contemporary, Jarry, Baie - Mahaut, Guadeloupe,¨Autour de Frédéric Bruly- Bouabré¨ 12.27.14 - 02.08.14.

                      Showing works with Frédéric Bruly Bouabré, Benito Valadié, Elise Tak, Thierry Alet, Jeremy Paul a.o. 12-27.13 - 3


                      Zomergasten 2013, 17. Juli bis 4. August, Haagse Kunstkring, Den Haag, participating with 4 paintings,invited

                      by Ad van Riel, together with artists such as Ad van Riel,Anton Corbijn  


2012              Invited by Cendres Lavy: June, Foiré de l’Estampe de St. Sulpice, Paris, France, showing 4 monoprints


                      Invited by Venusboy: Alte Visa Gloria Lenzburg ¨Der kleine Traum vom süssen Glück¨ showing installation of

                      10 oilpaintings on paper and 3 objects 


                      Invited by Remko Spaan: Sequoia Tees Pop Up Shops in Berlin and Amsterdam, together with many

                      internationally ackknowledged artists, showing eachtime one painting.  


2011              Aarau Art Museum, Selection, showing installation of ca 5 paintings, 3 fragments and 3 objects  


                      Invited By Deborah de Boers, Deluge Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada, Showing 4 small paintings

                      in ¨The Lost Art of LP Covers¨  


2010              Invited by Sirin Kojak, Gallery of Usak University of the fine Arts , showing 1 painting


2000-2008     No art production for many years (had to work in other fields to finance my 2 daughters studies,(brought up alone

                      since their births) . Instaed, I built up a textiles creation workshop for jobless people. our labors fruits were sold

                      in the best swiss design/interior shops, starting 0.5 year from the beginning  


1999              Expo of the Selection of the Argovian Art Council 1999 : Königsfelden. Showing installation of ca 5 drawings,

                      4 paintings, 12 objects and many writings


1998               Aarau Art Museum, Selection, showing one painting  


1996               Aarau Art Museum, Selection, showing installation of 7 oilpaintings                    



Grants & Prizes & State Allowances & Sponsorings

2022/23        State aid (Projektbeitrag) from Argovian Art Council (Kuratorium Aargau) for project ¨Deplacement¨with Kevin Blythe Sampson

                     and Cesar Melgar.

2021             State aid (Projektbeitrag) from Argovian Art Council (Kuratorium Aargau) for project ¨PREMIER VOL¨, being realised in France.



2020             State aid (Projektbeitrag) from Argovian Art Council ( Kuratorium Aargau)  for project ¨When did Bitch become a Bad Word¨

                     being realised in Kolkata, India

                     State aid from Region Grand Est FR for art space +residencies.


2019             The site specific project / my new initiative ¨Espace d'Art Contemporain Les Thermes¨ got individual works supported by

                     Canton et République  du Jura

                     Canton du Valais

                     Commune de Bourbonne-les-Bains

                     Maison Laurentine


2016             The sitespecific project, ¨Aua  Forta - Kunst im Val  Val Sinestra 2016 

                     was  supported  by: 

                     Kulturförderung Graubünden CH
                     Südkulturfonds CH
                     Cumün da Scuol CH
                     Danish Arts Foundation@kunstfond DNK

                     and sponsored by:

                     Hotel Val Sinestra, Adrienne und Peter Kruit, CH

                     Daniela Belinga CH 

                     Bertschinger Walo AG Scuol, CH
                     Gruppe Gut, Bozen IT
                     Ensuite, Lukas Vogelsang CH
                     Ernst Göhner Stiftung CH
                     Corporaziun Energia Engiadina CH


2000             Grant Elisabeth Forberg Foundation


1998             Grant of the Interior Ministry, Gleyre Foundation  


1997             Grant of the Jubilee Foundation of Swiss Popular Bank  


1992-1996    Bursaries from Swiss State and Private Foundations for Art Studies  




Other Activities ( As an Initiator, Curator, Cocurator  and Producer of Art Projects )


2019 -         Inauguration expo at my Artspace with artist residencies ¨EAC Les Thermes¨ Départ et Arrrivée¨(Production, coordination,                              artistic direction)


2018 -        Initiator, Artistic Director, Producer of ¨Espace d' Art Contemporain Les Thermes+ Artist Residencies¨

                  4, Place Des Bains, 52400 Bourbonne Les Bains, France.

                  (Artist) - residencies starting from september 1th, 2018, for all kinds of artists, theorists, scientists.

                  More on the Facebook page, where you can contact me, if seriously interested.

                  Later on expos will be organised.



2016          Initiator, Curator and Producer of the Sitespecific Project ¨Aua Forta- Kunst im Val Sinestra¨ 





2015          I joined the founder/producer/curator Jeff Goldberg ( writer and poet) and the curator Darius James ( writer/poet)  as a

                  co - curator of the FOOK! Group 




2014          I initiated the group work ¨Nyau¨with Samson Kambalu and Kurt Ryslavy which was shown at 





                 with Kevin Blythe Sampson and Cesar Melgar, Ayan Mukherjee and Arjama Pal, Samson Kambalu, Helene Sperandio,                                    Robert  Louis, (Atis Rezistans) 

                 Kurt Ryslavy, Jeff Goldberg,               




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